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    “I am nothing […] Apart from this, I have in me all the dreams of the world.”
    Fernando Pessoa

    The festival ‘Europe autour de l’Europe’ is the result of a romantic vision of Europe, inspired by the great periods of wealth in its arts and by the idea that its complex identity is only a source of potentialities. While warmly thanking all the partners of the festival, I must nevertheless give voice to a fear: is not the financial disinvestment of the European Commission in 15 French festivals with a rich program of European films, including this one, yet another sign of disenchantment with Europe?

    This festival was conceived as a big master’s house, to which new film artists may always return. Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Claude Carrière and István Szabó will be with us, for example.

    As for new experiences, the two selections in competition, for the Prix Sauvage and The Prix Présent, will show that the borderline between fiction and documentaries is increasingly unclear.

    Portuguese cinema will be omnipresent, with Maria de Medeiros, our guest of honor, the immortal Manoel de Oliveira, the representatives of Novo Cinema, Paulo Rocha, João César Monteiro and João Botelho, film makers today, Miguel Gomes, Teresa Villaverde, and still others.

    And finally, a selection of films devoted to the theme of this year’s festival: migration. Our selection extends from silent films to films today, from Europe to America, and from the world to Europe. Films about migrants, often made by migrants.

    Here is wishing you excellent screenings and wonderful encounters!

    Irena Bilic
    Founder and general Delegate