Yoik fever

Yoik fever / Joikefeber

(Documentaire, Norvège, 2013,57’, C, VOSTF)

de Ellen-Astri Lundby

Ylva jeune chanteuse norvégienne d’origine saami, décide d’apprendre l’art du joik, tradition vocale ancestrale de cepeuple . Ses rencontres avec les musiciens sont l’occasion de se plonger dans un univers sonore menacé mais aussi de poser la question de la honte de son identité, le tout sur un mode léger, et musical

When the young singer Ylva from Oslo realizes that she is part Sámi, she embarks on a journey to learn the ancient yoik tradition, the indigenous Sámi way of singing.

Ylva, a young Sámi-Norwegian high school music major is yearning to connect to her heritage through the dwindling Sámi yoik singing tradition of her acestors. As Ylva makes personal connections to different yoik traditions and meets Sámi legends like Mari Boine, Johan Sara Jr., & Ole Larsen Gaino, undercurrents of former conformity and shame of identity reveal themselves. Filmed in an entertaining cabaret-style mash-up of film styles and genres, the film’s ending might leave you with a serious case of yoik fever!

Yoik is one of Europe’s oldest vocal song traditions. It is transferred from generation to generation, but in many places in Sápmi (Lapland.) the tradition has disappeared. 

As a rule, it is said that a yoiker does not yoik about something, the yoiker simply yoiks something. In other words, the yoiker and the subject of the yoik are intimately connected through both melody and text. To yoik something or someone is to give a musical name to that which is yoiked.