(Fiction, Norvège, 2013, 19’, C, sans dialogues)

de Chris Erichsen
avec Röde Hagnell, Maya Vorland, Ansar Mahmood, Daniel Krister

Un ciné-poème inspiré par la tragédie du 22 juillet 2011 à Oslo.
« Les images ne mènent pas à la conclusion, plutôt à la culmination de l’idée que nous vivons beaucoup de choses ensemble, mais que
l’expérience en est différente pour chacun. » Einar Guldvog Stålesen, Mørkets opplevelser, Radio Norvégienne, 16 Mai 2013.

Repress is a short film-suite in seven parts created in the aftermath on the 22nd of July 2011, a wordless story from different venues in a modern cityscape. It is about the meetings that never took place, the words that were never said, the messages that never arrived. It is about the division between East and West, us and them, man and woman, individual and mass.

“The pictures do not conclude but culminate in the idea that we are together in everything, but that we experience this “everything” quite different.” Einar Guldvog Stålesen, Mørkets opplevelser, Norwegian Broadcasting, 16 May 2013.

“On the left, a woman in niquab. On the right, a white western man. Gradually he tries to approach and adapt to her expression. An intriguing culture clash is in development, skilfully staged in both sound and picture.” Birger Vestmo, NRK Radio