My Home in Honningsvag

My Home in Honningsvag

(Norvège, 2013, 5’, C, VOA)

de Knut Erik Jensen
avec Joseph Culp

Court film musical à la gloire de Honningsvåg, où se déroule le Festival  de films Nordkapp, à l’extrême Nord de la Norvège. Ce village fut entièrement rasé par les nazis en déroute à la fin de la seconde guerre mondiale (sauf l’église blanche). Reconstruit, c’est un endroit plein de vie et très hospitalier. Petite lumière au fond de la nuit pleine de brouillard…

”When I am chilled by the sun, and burnt by frost, when I feel everything is lost. There is still a light burning in the fog, My home in Honningsvag…”

Directed by Knut Erik Jensen. Written and performed by Joseph Culp, featuring the Honningsvåg Choir. This “music film” shows the singer longing for a home far away from his present surroundings. The song is dedicated to the town of Honningsvåg, Norway which is located in the far North near the famous North Cape – or the northernmost tip of Europe. Burned to the ground by the retreating Germans at the end of WWII, (except for the little white church) the people returned and rebuilt and it remains a warm, inviting place for locals and tourists alike. Apart from the good fishing and beauty of the landscape, Honningsvåg is the home of the Nordkapp Film Festival, the northernmost film festival on earth, where Mr. Culp has brought several of his films over the years and made many friends.