Coastal Life

Coastal Life / Å seile sin egen sjø

(Documentaire, Norvège, 2002, 90’, C, VOSTF)

de Øyvind Sandberg
avec (Documentaire, Norvège, 2002, 90’, C, VOSTF)



Dans ce documentaire où l’ humour abonde, nous rencontrons une femme pêcheur, un berger, un ostréiculteur, un bâtisseur de bateaux à rames traditionnels. Ils parlent de la pêche et du ramassage de plumes, des marécages, et de leur rêve de perpétrer des traditions en voie de disparition.

In a warm film full of good-natured humor we meet several people along the coast of Norway. There is 27-year-old Regine. She fishes inshore from Lofoten to the North Cape in a small smack with her boyfriend. Øystein lives on a group of uninhabited islands off the Nordland coast. He has wild sheep and collects down from birds, he builds a small restaurant from driftwood where he will serve wild sheep – and he hopes to transform a bog into a heated pool at the Arctic Circle for prospective guests. Nils Olav is one of the last remaining builders of Oselvers – a rowboat that has been built since the Viking era – but his real dream is to strike it rich in the mackerel fishing with his shaggy friend Sara as deck dog. Magnus has run an oyster farm for 70 years, and he continues to do so in spite of both him and the oyster farm being on the wane. One thing they all have in common is that they have many possible – and impossible – legs to stand on. This is a film about people, about dreams – and about traditions that perhaps are on the wane.